Jul 15 2014


Until late last fall, our home was lorded over by a 19-year-old white cat named Casper, who despite weighing a mere 7-8 pounds in his later years, fancied himself more as a two hundred pound lion on the African plain.

The predatory delusions of this old cat were frequently on display in the front hallway of our home and our two Portuguese Water Dogs (both of whom outweighed Casper at least 8-to-1) were consistently Casper’s innocent victims.

In the middle of that hallway, we have a small cat door that allowed Casper to go downstairs to the basement. And, when Casper was on the downstairs side of that cat door, he was invisible to his prey – i.e., to the two dogs walking down the upstairs hallway – and Casper knew it!

Thus, it was not uncommon for one of the dogs to walk by that cat door in an otherwise empty hallway, minding his business and when – surprise! – a white paw would suddenly spring from the other side of the cat door and – whack! – he’d be broadsided by an unexpected cat slap.

We’ll remember Casper fondly, the undisputed master of our domain and – despite his size disadvantages – a champion to the end.

~Jon Gelula

Merion Station, PA

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